Staying Safe During a Fishing Trip

You can either prepare your own safety kit or just buy one. Most sporting goods stores sell first aid kits along with other fishing appliances. A typical first aid kit have its contents listed on the packaging so that you can easily see what makes various kits different and pick one that’s right for you.

It is a good idea to buy a kit that comes in a waterproof package. You don’t even need to open it after you buy it. Simply hide it away and keep it sealed. A good kit will contain everything you need to take care of the most common issues such as cuts, scrapes, and stings.

If you have certain medical conditions, you can create your own kit. For example, if you can develop an allergic reaction during your trip, include an EpiPen in your kit. If you have sinusitis, bring sinus relief medication. A small plastic box such as a plastic food container makes a great small portable medicine cabinet that you can take with you on a trip. One thing that you want to include with your kit is a tube of superglue. You can use for plastic lures and small lacerations.

Sunscreen is a must when you go fishing because on the water the sun gets you twice. The first time is when it shines, and the second time when the water reflects its rays. Apply sunscreen before you begin fishing. If you are on a longer trip, reapply sunscreen once or twice. Covering skin with clothing and not having a lot of exposed skin is a great idea, too.

You can get the sun burns on the water even when the sun hides behind the clouds a lot, which is why a wide hat and a pair of sunglasses can offer additional protection even on cloudy days.

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