Fishing Unknown Bodies of Water

A large part of the fun in fishing is going to different places and fishing there. If you have a rod that you can pack, a set of flies and lures and tackle, you can fish virtually anywhere at any time.

One of the issues with fishing while traveling is that you won’t know the body of water well and you won’t have enough time to gain a lot of knowledge abophoto_1452109436269_d410ed332571ut it when you arrive. What you can do is learn about the characteristics of different bodies of water.

Methods that work in one lake will most likely work in other lakes, too. You can also visit a local bait shop and talk to the sales person about the area and the best lures for it. You can still be successful and catch a lot of fish even if you don’t find any knowledgeable locals to talk to. Certain lures tend to work in most bodies of water. You can also try using as bait some version of what the fish are used to feed on.

By now you are probably using online maps and tools a lot to get driving directions. The same technology can help you prepare for your next fishing trip away from home. With software like Google Earth, you can investigate streams, rivers, and lakes, find public access spots, hidden coves on lakes and ponds that you wouldn’t find if you were not using a satellite. You will still need to follow local fishing laws, but being able to do your research from the comfort of your home before you go on a trip is already a huge advantage.

In addition to investigating the maps, you also have online fishing forums at your disposal. Such forums are often dedicated to bodies of water, species of fish or geographic areas. Unlike brick-and-mortar fishing stores, forums are open 24/7, allowing you do to your research at night, after work, or at any other time that it convenient for you.

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