Fishing and Weather

Every angler knows that the weather has an impact on the success of fishing. However, the agreement about the influence of the weather on fishing ends with thfishingis fact. For most of the things you will hear about the link between fishing and weather you can find facts that will prove the direct opposite.

Most experienced anglers would agree that cold weather makes the fish go deep and fishing becomes harder, though sometimes fishing in cold water can be very successful. Days with sunny blue skies may look like they are perfect for fishing, but in reality, they can be very tough.

This is why the best piece of advice about the connection between fishing and weather is to fish a lot and make conclusions for yourself. This is especially true if you are going on a fishing trip. You can use the Internet to learn more about the bodies of water, but you can’t predict the weather two weeks in advance. There’s no point in worrying about the things that you can’t change, which means that you should go on your trip when you can and make the most of it in the conditions that you will have to deal with. What can make a difference is shifting your trip by a few hours. Try to arrive before dawn or stay during the dusk. These factors can make a big difference in your fishing success.

One of the things you do know for sure about the weather is that in can change at any time, which is why you could be prepared for any weather conditions. Your safety should come first. It means that it is better to play it safe and leave before a potential storm hits than hope for another catch or two, even though fish are often very active right before the storm.