Drinking Fluids While Fishing

While it may sound ironic, a lot of anglers do get dehydrated during fishing. Fishing can also lead to faster dehydration compared to other outside sporting activities. This happens because the water reflects the rays of the sun and mulfishing-1681453_960_720tiplies the effects of both heat and light. Wading in river currents and walking with heavy gear burns a lot of energy and can also lead to dehydration.

For these reasons, you need to drink a lot of fluids during your fishing trips. Drinking plain pure water is best. You should bring about two to three times of what you think you’ll need and don’t be afraid to drink it all. If you start getting loopy and foggy-headed, you are probably dehydrated.

Our bodies will often send us warning signals when something’s about to happen. For example, people get tired gradually. You don’t just fall asleep and fall down. The same happens with the feeling of hunger. It starts small and grows more and more.

Dehydration works in a different way. Your body will not send you any signals about it. When you are thirsty or light-headed, you are already dehydrated. This is why it is so important to not wait until you get to dehydration. Drink water regularly throughout your trip and drink a lot.

For some people going on fishing trips means consuming alcohol. While it is true that beer and other adult beverages go extremely well with fried fish, drinking alcohol significantly speeds up the dehydration process and the alcohol kicks sooner and stronger when you are breathing fresh air.

For these reasons, drinking alcohol during your fishing trips can be very dangerous. Operating a boat in an intoxicated condition is outright illegal. Drink at the end of a fishing trip to celebrate it, but not in the very beginning of it to kick it off.

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