Deciding on the Right Time to Fish

The rule of thumb in regards to the right time to fish is very simple: go fishing when you can. Your life most likely revolves around your work schedule and your family schedule. If you are busy at work in the daytime, fish at night. The bodies of water will not be crowded. If you have time during the day, fish during the day. Some species of fish stop eating when the temperature of the water goes below 45 degrees, but others feed all winter long. If a body of water is frozen, you can catch fish through the ice. There is fishing-rod-474095_960_720 (1)fish biting somewhere not matter what time of the day or time of the year it is or what the weather is like.

Going fishing and experimenting will teach you more than staying at home. This being said, there are obviously certain times that work better than others, just like there are instances when you really need a service like more compared to other times. Most fish feed during low-light periods in the beginning and end of the day. Fishing is more predictable in the summer and winter, when the temperatures are stable than it is in the fall and in the spring.

During spawning, some fish are almost impossible to catch while others become fearless. Lunar cycles have an influence on fish, too. Traditionally, you will have better chances for success during three days before and after a new or full moon. Lunar cycles also have a direct impact on the tides. The rise of waters in lakes, streams, and rivers is very likely to excite fish and make them more active. The opposite is also true: a drop in water levels can shut the fish down. A big rain can elevate the water levels and make the fish more active.

Go and fish anytime you can and once you start noticing patterns, consider changing your fishing schedule to increase the chances of success.

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